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  Customers have come to trust Dongfu as a name they can count on for highest cost-performance value for our customers. Dongfu specializes in producing custom LCD from design through manufacturing. Our design-to-prototype service is available for a modest, one-time tooling cost. Experienced, on-site application engineers work with customers to design the most cost-effective display solution to meet their specific requirements.

We generate all drawing and artwork using our custom computer-aided design tool. This ensures a high degree of design accuracy and minimizes design cycle time. Since the type and size of display images are determined by each individual application, Dongfu designs custom LCD that display a full range of graphic elements, such as bargraphs, graphic patterns, and symbols (icons).Dongfu's flexible manufacturing process enables us to satisfy low- to high-volume production quantities of our custom devices.

  1. Type for Custom-made LCD PANEL  





    VA LCD    

The above type of Response Time: 150msec  VERTICAL View Angle: 50° also could used for Response Time: 90-100msec  VERTICAL View Angle:70° or Response Time: 70msec  VERTICAL View Angle:70° if you have the requirement for the view angle and response time, but the cost would be increased 15%-30% accordingly
2. Application for CUSTOM LCD PANEL




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