LCD Convert 1.0   is a practical tool of automatic conversion for LCD display digital data format, which we have developed with the base of years' experience of design and production of LCD. This program can make the conversion for  Chinese characters and monochromatic BMP images  by  getting  bytes from dot matrix. The direction of getting bytes can be horizontal or vertical. It supports Chinese characters with standard 16X16 dots and complex characters with fonts,  like song font,  fangsong font,  black font, kai font. This software can be run under the environment of windows95 or windows98.  The converted  digital  format  is  also  based  on  Intel 8031 and 8051 series CPU.   Therefore, it is a very useful program with multifunctions.    We believe that it will give you great convenience to your application.   If any problem arises from your usage,    please refer to "help" file for solution or contact us for technical support.

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